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Valentine Watson, MA

Hi my name is Valentine Watson. I’m a recent graduate from Johnson & Wales University with a Masters in Clinical Counseling. I have a background in crisis stabilization and am newly transitioning into private practice. While working with individuals under acute care I have had the chance to plan and lead my own DBT groups, harboring on the necessity of emotional regulation. Being DBT informed, I carry an integrative perspective on emotion and logic that I hope to bring to my sessions with you!

I aim to serve as a collaborator in the attempt to integrate and listen; so that I may participate in the creation of a safe counseling space with my clients. I derive much of my passion from the stories of clients and the strength that they share in their experiences.

Beyond being a counselor I love to admire art, cook, go to the gym and I love fighting games!! As you learn a little about me I hope and look forward to learning more about you as we embark on this counseling journey.

Team Member at Omega Therapy Practice

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